ECS provides hard copies of the NEC suite of standard form contracts in southern Africa, coupled with consulting and training services in the development and application of contracts based on the NEC system.

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  • or 011 803 3008 for matters relating to the supply of NEC documents.
  • or 082 880 5236 for NEC consulting and training services.

This modern system of contracts is now widely used in UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and many other parts of the World.

Andrew Baird, the owner of ECS, is acknowledged in every NEC document as one of the original designers of the system and was a member of the NEC drafting panel from inception until 2010. 

Originally launched in 1993, then known as the New Engineering Contact, the NEC4 June 2017 family has grown to 16 standard form contracts covering the full procurement spectrum of works, services and supply at main, design-build-operate and subcontract levels. 

The NEC3 April 2013 suite of 12 standard form contracts covering the full procurement spectrum of works, services and supply at main and subcontract levels is still available and will be supported for some time to come.

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  • NEC Documents for an explanation of the range of NEC documents available, background to the NEC system and how it is applied in South Africa in accordance with CIDB Regulations.  A link to MS Word Price Lists and Order Forms is available for those who would prefer to order their documents by e mail than through the Store.
  • The Store to see full details and prices of each NEC3 or NEC4 document, make your selection and transfer to the Cart.  Generate your Tax Invoice for making payment by EFT and then we will deliver by courier once payment is received.
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  • Newsletter for latest news and comment about ECS activities and information about local application of the NEC system and a link to download the latest copy of the NEC Users Group Newsletter
  • Consulting for details of our NEC advisory services including dispute management and resolution as well as information about our MS Word templates for preparation and management of NEC based contracts.
  • Training for details about our specialised in house, on-line and e-learning training facilities provided through our empowerment partner, ELTEO (Pty) Ltd.