NEC4 Managing a Professional Services Contract (PSC4-Man)

NEC4 Managing a Professional Services Contract (PSC4-Man)
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Of the 4 Volumes of Guide Books designed to assist users of NEC contracts, where Volume 1 and Volume 3 are common to all contracts this document is the Volume 4 specific to management of a contract based on the NEC4 Professional Service Contract (PSC4).  It is essential reading for those tasked with managing contracts based on the PSC4.  Those preparing a PSC4 contract should also make use of the Volume 2 specific to preparing a PSC4 contract.

Chapter 1 Introduction

    Professional service subcontract (PSS)

Chapter 2 Core and main Option clauses

    1 General

    2 The Consultant’s main responsibilities

    3 Time

    4 Quality management

    5 Payment

    6 Compensation events

    7 Rights to material

    8 Liabilities and insurance

    9 Termination

Chapter 3 Clauses for resolving and avoiding disputes

Chapter 4 Secondary Option clauses

    Option X1: Price adjustment for inflation (used only with Options A and C)

    Option X2: Changes in the law

    Option X3: Multiple currencies (used only with Option A)

    Option X4: Ultimate holding company guarantee

    Option X5: Sectional completion

    Option X6: Bonus for early completion

    Option X7: Delay damages

    Option X8: Undertakings to Others

    Option X9: Transfer of rights

    Option X10: Information modelling

    Option X11: Termination by the Client

    Option X12: Multiparty collaboration (not used with Option X20)

    Option X13: Performance bond

    Option X18: Limitation of liability X18

    Option X20: Key Performance Indicators (not used with Option X12)

    Option Y(UK1): Project Bank Account

    Option Y(UK)2: The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996

    Option Y(UK)3: The Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999

Chapter 5 Schedule of Cost Components (SCC)

Chapter 6 Short Schedule of Cost Components (SSCC)

Appendix 1 Contract start-up checklist

Appendix 2 Contract close down checklist

Appendix 3 Example communication forms

Appendix 4 Example joint compensation event tracking schedule

Appendix 5 Example quotation for compensation event