NEC4 Managing a Term Service Short Contract (TSSC4-Man)

NEC4 Managing a Term Service Short Contract (TSSC4-Man)
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Of the 4 Volumes of Guide Books designed to assist users of NEC contracts, where Volume 1 and Volume 3 are common to all contracts this document is the Volume 4 specific to management of a contract based on the NEC4 Term Service Short Contract (TSSC4).  It is essential reading for those tasked with administering contracts based on the TSSC4.  Those preparing a TSSC4 contract should use the Volume 2 specific to the preparation of a TSSC4 contract.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Conditions of Contract

    1. General

    2. The Contractor’s main responsibilities

    3. Time

    4. Quality management

    5. Payment

    6. Compensation events

    7. Use of equipment and things

    8. Liabilities and insurance

    9. Termination and Resolving Disputes

Appendix 1 Example communication forms